November 2020: SLEEP 7 – postponed til September 2021
Dreams, come thru! (Virus, stay down!) Imagine this time in two weeks we’ll be rising after having been tucked in at Malmöhus castle, city of Malmös very own necropolis! Last head severed in the courtyard at 05.00 23/8 1901, only thirty years later the previous prison was converted into a museum, a triumph for the modernist rationale and a landmark for Swedish exceptionalism. We’ll be situated in Stora festsalen (”the grand ballroom”), where representational coteries of national rulers and sermons for the betterment of the incarcerated took place during the prison years. In 1945 it served as dining room for those who came to Malmö with the white buses, briefly summoned before being dispersed and engaged in production schemes around the country. No surprise this biopolitical hotspot was also once a prominent seat for minting coins. Together with beyond vanguard artists Shu Lea Cheang (TW/US/FR) and Sainkho Namtchylak (TUVA/AT) we will be taken on a somnolent tour de force, with Sainkho performing 7X7 for 9 from dusk to dawn. The performance relates to Bordo Tödol, in the west commonly referred to as ”The Tibetan Book of the Dead”. This scripture was traditionally read aloud to the dying to help them attain liberation, and lo and behold, it is a text of many exclamation marks! It is said we need to learn to know the body to be a transient illusion, and take refuge in the intermediate state of the time of death. Sleep and dreams are pivotal elements to this practice, aimed towards a continuity of consciousness. For us here presently entrenched, we hope to summon all you local friends in flesh and blood as well as the once mortal, ever sentient- the headless, the wrathful, the fourlegged, the inhibited, tortured, attached and averse, the collected and taxonomisedIn the ”Linné Room” sleep inducing food and ”Pandemic Dreams” tea concocted by trailblazing artist Cecilia Germain will be served. Come Sleep with us! Little death to the museum! Anna Johansson, we keep pinching ourselves and hoping we don’t wake up until dawn 8/11, after the transformation. Night of Sleep is streamed via theParis- based independent artist radio station p-node. Maja Darkest Karlsson is THE ONE to SLEEP 7, as she will carry everything out of stora festsalen across to Paris, and from there, anywhere. Tune in! Liberation Through Hearing During the Intermediate State (the correct translation of Bordo Tödol) SLEEP 7 is one in a series of steadily happening art projects by Shu Lea Cheang and Matthew Fuller, that in Malmö is brought forth in collaboration with us, MFK Metood För Konstnärlig frihet and Malmö Konstmuseum. Full SLEEP 7 info here: Swedish:
English: (If I could tag a group I would tag METOOD ******)

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